February 28 2014 Friday at 01:58 PM

A peaceful place in Cuernavaca, Morelos

Last weekend I attended the opening of a new yoga and meditation center in Cuernavaca; SOGA.

The architecture is really harmonic and it is surrounded by lovely gardens and terraces. The atmosphere is really peaceful as soon as you enter you begin to feel tranquil. It has a very good size auditorium which fits up to 150 people seated and 50 laying down, a café, 9 confortable bedrooms and 2 therapy rooms.

The day of the launch there were various activities going on including meditation, yoga kundalini, a hang drums concert and an introduction to the creative and expressive tecnique named ‘Toning’

The facilitators were Ángel Sananda and Grace Terry, John Cowan, JAS and Cecilia Norma, Nirvair Kaur, Mónica Pablos and Patricia Edelen.

I truly recommend that you check this place out.