December 10 2019 Tuesday at 07:29 PM

Transformation and adaptive cycles

Everything in life is cyclical, our mothers gave birth to us thanks to the cycle of the moon. Even the sun magnetic's field goes through a cycle although is less frequent is still ciclic (every 11 years the north pole becomes south and the south becomes north). 

Every day is a cycle and cycles are natural even evolution is a continuous ongoing process with a complete new beginning throughout each and every moment of time. 

Repetitive events can't be avoided however we can identify those points in time that seem familiar and stop to observe, decide and act.

If we consciously foster resilience or release depending on the situation we can achieve a real positive change. If the case is to release then start by letting go of the stuck energy; instead of letting your mind go to another realm that is not the present, orient it with a healing mantra:

Because I love myself and you, I set you free now, because you love me you set me free. I return the part of you that lies in me and you give back to me what belongs to me. I feel blessed to have shared my life force with you and I thank you so much for all your teachings. 

Have you thought about the length of your cycles?, who do you still need to let go?

I send you light to transcend. Remember your heart always knows what is best for your soul.