May 16 2018 Wednesday at 07:40 PM

On love

I love chatting with my elder students because they have so much to teach me about life. Today I learned that most of them have been with their partners longer than they can remember. One of them has been married for 50 years!
This makes me wonder how much have they forgiven each other and the vast amount of leanings they acquired; all this is love!
Being in love is envisioning a future together. It’s sacrifice and it’s distance and it’s fights. Being in love is worth all the hard work. And it’s worth it, even if it ends. Because it is the best kind of energy that there is. And it’s the only kind of energy that we’ll ever need.
I am happy to say that so far I've loved fiercely. But also realise that long-lasting relationships are euphoria free. At my mid-life I wonder if it is best to relate with grace and ease or with fireworks and sweat?