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nava dīti

The sensibility and knowledge acquired through my design practice were the impetus to create a sustainable company aimed at positive world change by inspiring people to discover their splendour, protecting the environment and properly remunerating its stakeholders.
My love for yoga, empathy for zen philosophy, the hunger for seeing the world and love for discovering exotic places led me to create nava dīti brand and encouraged the design of a product collection oriented to wellness.

Discover nava dīti
nava dīti, in sanscrit, a classical language from India and also the language of yoga, means new tide. The concept implies the conjunction of navaboat, a vehicle to transport oneself from one perception of reality to another and dītitide, unusual but meaningful name of the designer; constancy and at the same time movement.
Its etymology alludes to various attributes; the origin of its materials from various countries (America, Africa, India and Indonesia), the materials that conform them (cotton, clay, natural essences), its manual process, characteristic from ancient techniques (batik, back-strap loom weaving) and sun-drying. As well as its international focus (has ambassadors who come from cities like Mexico, London and Medellín all the way to small towns like San Miguel de Allende and Cuernavaca)
Ecologically-friendly & International-focus; by producing our collections locally, we use shorter transport ways ensuring a low carbon footprint, implying less strain on earth’s natural resources. We are committed to using recyclable packaging, such as cardboard boxes without additional dyes and recycled paper. Now distributing internationally to high end shops, exclusive spas, lifestyle shops, wellness centres, and yoga studios.
With design, materials coming from far away countries and ecological characteristics nava dīti captivates the whole world. 
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