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Whole-Being© Program

Our program was conceived with the strong belief that when we are able to do what we wish with the resources, spaces and time available, we are in a state of well-being.
    The program's goal is to create a new ’mindset’ in the participants, empowering them to adopt the necessary thoughts and attitudes to achieve physical, emotional and psychological well-being resulting in "Whole-Beings"
    Holism in quantum physics refers to systems that are so interlaced that each part is defined by every other part of the system. The Whole-Being platform was inspired by the principle that "Health" is more than the absence of disease. Equal levels of social, emotional and spiritual intelligence are the basis for our ability to feel Whole and have the capacity to properly nurture and develop ourselves.
    The framework was designed as a starting point to generate conversations with key stakeholders involved in the Health ecosystem as well as a diagnosis tool to find the correlation between P.E.S.T.E.C factors (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and cultural) and the attributes that make us feel Whole.
    Our ability to thrive in any environment is dependent on a wide array of factors. This view encourages cooperation because once one realizes that we are all part of the same system, we take responsibility for our own part in it.
    The content platform reconciles ancestral and scientific knowledge on health and well-being into a multi-sensorial resource bank.
   It's normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry. Finding your purpose can help being resilient in the face of adversity.


GOT STRESS? Self-awareness test related to the level of stress & anxiety you are experiencing and the start of a long-term plan to lessen stress and focus on what makes you feel energetic, motivated and happy.



VITAL ENERGY Meditate, physical activity, nutritious food, sleep, healthy relationships, passions, appreciation.



SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE Active communication, active listening & assertiveness.




LEADERSHIP BASED ON STRENGTHS  Self-esteem, self-valuation & introspection.




VISION & PURPOSE Clear blocks, change conditioning mind and negative patterns. Live with intention, create a vision, increase self-awareness and mindfulness.



THE POWER OF GRATITUDE Self- gratitude and appreciation to others.



LEADERSHIP IN AMBIGUITY Understanding chaos. Create, live and experiment positive change. Guidance on how to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.



(FINDING YOUR GIFT) Asking evocative questions around the BODY (physical energy), EMOTIONS (quality of energy), MIND (focus of energy), SPIRITUAL (meaning of energy)



BUILD TRUST Self-confidence & trust in others. Build your trust and assertiveness and negotiate according to your value.




SELF-RESILIENCE Maintain a positive attitude intimes of adversity and inspire others to do the same.




ACTION PLAN Identify strengths, and motivations.Let go of external blocks. Establish your purpose and step by step develop your life plan to achieve your vision.



We hope to plan an ad-hoc program for your group in the near future! Please reach out to info@navaditi.com
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