Inspiring copy wall art. Water color on paper. 18 x 24 in (special commissions available)

Ultra detailed HDR art representing Anahata chakra or fourth chakra located at the center of our chest. It is activated through being compassionate to ourselves and towards others. When fully active we are loving confident and experience hope.

Ultra detailed HDR art representing Svadhisthana chakra or second chakra located underneath the navel. It is activated through being creative and honoring our bodies. Creativity helps attune with our divine intelligence within and activates our intuition.
Inspired by the need of alleviating suffering and promoting healing through self-compassion, and transformation I created this ultra-realistic image of a butterfly emanating from a woman's scared face.
Inspired by Post-humanist literature and the concept of humans being a part of a larger, interconnected system, I created this hyper-detailed artwork to express a sustainable coexistence with nature and other unmanned systems and entities.
Sacred geometry symbols are considered the foundation of everything in the physical world, revealing the unity in all things. These series of artwork reveal the pairing of sacred geometry symbols with a galaxy to reinforce the concept of Yoga, which in the ancient Indo-European language means unity.
Flower of life emerging from a black hole

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