I want to help you climb the mountains I have climbed so I am sharing this transformational yogic program to help you move from feeling exhausted and unmotivated to feeling more energized and excited about the journey that lies ahead. All you need to do is commit to a constant yogic practice and you will start feeling more motivated and ready for self-realization.
Yoga Time! is a presentation and a 7 day video series designed with love for everyone looking to feel energetically and physically balanced and empowered.
Presentation contents:
1. Chi, Qi, prana, maya, orgone, ki
2. Yoga: union of Prana and Apana
3. 7 Hindu Chakras and endocrine glands
4. Nadis: subtle energy channels
5. Yoga time! program
Uniquely designed 30 min-hr hatha and vinyasa yoga classes with an emphasis on breathwork and correct alignment.
*The instructor is shown as herself, no professional audio, lighting, hair, nor make-up.
Mental and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice:
-Better body balance and flexibility
-Muscle strength
-Aerobic fitness
-Mental concentration
Benefits of breathwork
-Healthy flow of cerebrospinal fluid
-Improve memory and cognitive function
-Activate the peripheral nervous system
-Unblock your nose
-Lower blood pressure
-May relieve symptoms of depression
Own the seried today for just USD $70 or eachclass for $10

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